Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The 3mm Stud (Rose) – features and reviews

The 3mm stud comfortably stays in your ear or nose. This is a fancy blink fashion accessory that comes in rose color and it comes in different shapes, these include; round multi-phased, and round hollow ball shape. A tiny rose-coloured earring is nicely packaged and dispatched to those who want a small but stunning piece of accessory that can make a bold statement any day anytime. Even though, the 3mm rose colored stud is small but you wouldn’t have problems getting it in.

The 3mm rose stud is a classic 3mm stud with varying carat measurements. The round gold stud usually measure 9 carats and above. This traditional stud can work with any type of clip clasp to fasten the stud to your ear, nose or any other part of the body. Despite the fact that you will always find this accessory in rose color, light reflection may slightly alter the color and make you believe it is orange, yellow or even red.

The 3mm stud rose is designed from the Cubic Zirconia gemstone type, it is moderately cut and there is no stone treatment method used- this ensure that the stud retains its characteristic stunning and shinning features. The settings used in completing this stud is referred to as “Prongs” while the width stands at 0.8mm and the diameter is 3mm. This fashion accessory is often referred to as the “ Rose Gold 3mm stud” , the reason being that it creates a subtle gold glow when view from afar.

The 3mm stud rose can be the best perfect birthday or wedding gift to the special people love. You can have more information about buying your 3mm stud {rose} or any other fashion accessory or product at www.blingcityusa.com . The products you find on this site are top rated, genuine and not expensive. 


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