Monday, 22 July 2013

The Purple Flowers Transfer – Bling City USA

Purple flowers rhinestone motif transfer is a wonderful piece of art that allows you show case the beauty of purple flowers in a more fascinating way. These purple flowers sparkle from the surface of any material and create a radiant look on you. Purple flowers transfer measures 4’ x 4’ in height and width respectively. The light purple flowers transfer works perfectly well with nail arts, bags, shoes, garments, and perfume bottles among several other items. The purple rhinestone crystals are round in shape and come with flat backs where the adhesive used in attaching the crystals are located.

To attach your purple flowers transfer on your garments, bags, nail art, shoes or any other item, simply remove the protective foil from the tape covering, Place the purple flowers transfer on the exact position you want it on your garment or any other item, and lay a fabric on top of the motif and press gently with a heating iron. Release the heating iron after 20 seconds and turn the item inside out and press with heating iron from the other side. Once the pressing as cool off, simply remove the sticker and turn it inside once more for a quick wash. Dry the item under the sun or with a hot air dryer.

Purple flowers transfer is machine washable; it does not lose its sparkling while the stones are permanently attached to your material. The rhinestones used for this design are durable and can be used for several years.

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